Since 1981 we are in the Egyptian market with our first factory now we have two factories Factor 1: 22000 SQM, Factory 2:15000 Sq. & more than 6 showrooms.
The International Company for Furniture – Riadco Group is a proud member of the American Chamber, IMC (international modernization center), Expolink. We also have several projects in Egypt along with international projects and our branched cover all of Egypt.
The advancement in our products comes as a result of creativity and knowledge of the field and our commitment to delivering the highest quality of products with international standards and competitive prices.
Our products are numerous diverse, catering to satisfy all tastes and styles, which has allowed us to partner with many different organizations and foundations whether local, international, governmental or public entities.


  We are so pleasure to transact & contact with cilek international company to be Çilek Egypt, so we are the sole Çilek agent in Egypt from 2001 for more than 15 years as one family have one goal which is satisfy the consumers with highest quality, healthy, best prices, and creative design.
Our company has been able to reaffirm its excellence as one of the leading companies in the field and we are able to provide our customers with the assurance of a satisfactory purchase every time.
We were able to maintain our excellence through our creativity and knowledge of what is new in the field, all of our products enjoy the highest levels of quality with competitive prices.