Cilek quality 

Çilek has GS Quality Certificate that is given by LGA in Germany for the products that are compatible with high safety and quality standards. GS that is the most advanced product safety and quality certificate a brand can have is recognized by all European countries and around the world. Çilek products are certified with GS after long and tough tests on various subjects as ergonomic, child safety, standards of the materials used and durability.
Çilek products designed and produced according to the advanced child safety standards are manufactured on German high-tech machines using anti-carcinogenic materials compatible with EU standards.


The products of Çilek that puts child safety and health before anything goes through maximum safety tests. Furniture’s produced by Çilek according to the E0 standards have TSE E0 certificate that states they have no carcinogenic impact.

Other Certificates

Çilek that has all certificates necessary for safety as CE for electronic accessories, REACH certificate for cardboard materials used for packaging; also has compatibility report for the paint used in metal and plastic materials and side bands according to the RoHS Directive released by EU and EN 71-3 toxic element analysis. Çilek also has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 management system certificates.

We looking for the best quality for our client so our products verified by